0800 987 5661 | hello@headstart.events
0800 987 5661 | hello@headstart.events

Evening Events

When it comes to custom-made evening content, there’s nobody quite like HeadStart.


It all starts at the entrance to the room. For every single event we produce, our number one goal is to transform that doorway into a portal, transporting you to whichever world you’ve asked us to create. From the second you enter the room, we want; your jaws to drop (in a good way), the only word’s that come out of your mouth to be ‘WOW!’ And for you to feel the need to pinch yourself & check to see if you’re dreaming.


No idea is ever too big or too small, and our clever team of creative designers can work with you every step along the way. We make it our goal to ensure your life’s as easy as possible and that your dreams come true. Only once you’ve lived a HeadStart evening experience, can you truly understand the magic behind what we produce.


    • A wizarding world and ‘The Chamber of Challenges’
    • The Krypton Factor, with both live stage show & pre-filmed activity content
    • Taskmaster with both live stage show & pre-filmed challenge content
    • A golden night at the Oscars, with fully edited playback from the ‘Lights, Camera, Action!’ team build during the day

Boosts & Benefits

One of a kind & unique to you

Boosts morale

Brings people together

Tailored to your needs

The possibilities are endless

Our packages include: 
    • 100% unique content – with the ability to customise any area to best suit the desired outcome.
    • Fully themed host/compare for the evening
    • Client branded visual content – Client logo embedded in all on-screen visuals + endless additional branding options
    • Full technical production – varying levels available
    • Dedicated event manager, all support staff and necessary infrastructure
    • Prizes for the winning table
    • All pre event planning and preparation – any paperwork used to be branded with client logo
    • Transport/Delivery/Setup/Return

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