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0800 987 5661 | hello@headstart.events

Field Gun Race

This high energy and competitive activity sees the traditional team event of the Royal Tournament adapted from a naval test of speed & strength; to a team-based communication task.


The heavy metal cannons have been replaced with foam and aluminium, the wheels stand over 5t tall and the gun barrel measures 12ft in length. Our standard obstacles; the up and over wall, bridge, cargo crawl and run through walls have all been designed to be client friendly. We have the ability to customise any of the obstacles and could even include a zipline element to give your event a real ‘wow’ factor.


The aim? To dismantle your cannon and transport it through and over the obstacles to an assembly point at the other end, where the cannon is then rebuilt and run back to the start position. Once back, all the team are required to line up next to the gun carriage in the correct formation and ‘sound off’ before the clock stops.


Against the clock, teams can incur time penalties depending on how they disassemble, transport and reassemble this huge piece of equipment. Picking the right person for the right job can make the difference between wining and losing.


How Field Gun Race works as a fundraiser:
    • Companies are asked to provide teams of 12 participants in exchange for a donation to the charity
    • All teams compete against others to achieve the fastest time
    • Event time frame is fully customisable – the activity can be run over multiple days as well as a single day format
    • Typically run as a tournament and an overall winner is identified at the end
    • A variety of branding opportunities and varying levels of sponsorship are available to suit companies both large and small

Boosts & Benefits

Fulfils CSR

Raises sponsor/charity profile

Boosts team morale

Reinforces teamwork

Promotes a ‘can do’ attitude

Fully engaging

Our packages include: 
    • Standard field gun race obstacle course set up – up and over wall, bridge, cargo crawl & run through wall (x 2 lanes)
    • Giant cannons (2 x sets) and all other associated infrastructure equipment
    • 3m pop-up marquee start/finish area/briefing
    • Dedicated event manager and activity compare
    • Medals awarded to the overall winners
    • All crew & activity instructors – including First Aid trained staff
    • All pre event planning & preparation – paperwork used onsite to be branded with client logo
    • Transport/delivery/setup/return
    • Charity branding package

There are also bespoke packages available & costs will be based upon a phone consultation. 

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