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Human Bar Skittles

Traditional bar skittles just doesn’t compare to this one of a kind experience. Our giant human version is made up of an enormous inflatable skittles zone, with 10 skittles and two 35ft poles that support a 5ft swinging ball.


One team dresses in 6ft skittle outfits with their ankles velcroed together, standing on the large inflatable base, they await their fate. Meanwhile, the other team, one at a time, take turns at launching the ball in an attempt to knock as many over as possible. This non-contact game of teamwork and skill is completely original and our version is the only one like it in the world. Anything else just isn’t skittles!


The game can also be run incorporating a zipline and a giant launching platform, giving the game more of a ‘10 pin bowling’ style feel. The zip allows the ball to hurtle towards the pins, moving from side to side, mimicking a bowling ally. Although 5ft in diameter, the ball is very lightweight, just the slightest of touches is enough to unbalance a skittle. The look on their faces just before impact is priceless.


Human bar skittles is the perfect spectacle for any event and the ‘wow’ factor provided by its entertaining gameplay and striking look will stick in people’s minds for years to come.


How Human Bar Skittles works as a fundraiser:
    • Companies are asked to provide teams of 10 participants in exchange for a donation to the charity
    • All teams compete against others to achieve the highest score.
    • Event time frame is fully customisable – the activity can be run over multiple days as well as a single day format
    • A variety of branding opportunities and varying levels of sponsorship are available to suit companies both large and small

Boosts & Benefits

Fulfils CSR

Impressive visual spectacle

Unique & memorable

Reinforces teamwork

Raises sponsor/charity profile

Highly entertaining

Our packages include: 
    • Giant inflatable skittles arena with 35ft pole system, 2 x 5ft wrecking balls, 10 x skittles costumes, leg ties and all associated rigging gear and activity equipment
    • 3m pop-up marquee start/finish/briefing area
    • Team coloured bandana for each participant
    • Dedicated event manager and activity compare
    • Medals awarded to the overall winners
    • All crew & activity instructors – including First Aid trained staff
    • All pre event planning & preparation – paperwork used onsite to be branded with client logo
    • Transport/delivery/setup/return
    • Charity branding package

There are also bespoke packages available & costs will be based upon a phone consultation. 

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