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0800 987 5661 | hello@headstart.events

Mission Implausible

Testing analytical skills and creativity, as well as encouraging effective teamwork, Mission Implausible sees participants divided into “specialist groups” and each given a top-secret mission to complete.


The mission will be conducted on foot. It involves teams moving from one location to the next within the hotel’s grounds, undertaking a series of challenging activities as they go – clues must be cracked, information gathered and physical & mental tasks completed. It’s completely down to the team to decide how go about completing their mission.


Side tasks can include:

    • Supply & Delivery
    • Nuclear Stabalisation
    • Survival Rations
    • Undetectable Movement

Each team is equipped with a top secret mission dossier to record their progress, in a high-energy activity that’s guaranteed to enliven and enthuse. Do you think you’ve got what it takes to be a real secret agent?

Boosts & Benefits

Elevates teamwork

Encourages dynamic thinking

Promotes problem solving

Advances a winning mentality

Effective icebreaker

Our packages include: 
    • Mission pack for each group/team, including mission dossier, map, compass and all timing details for agent training assignments
    • A selection of suitable agent training side tasks, including all equipment – activity choices & event duration are subject to number of participants
    • 3m pop-up marquees at each agent training area
    • Dedicated event manager and activity coordinator
    • All crew & activity instructors
    • Prizes for the winning group/team
    • All pre event planning & preparation – paperwork used onsite to be branded with client logo
    • Transport/delivery/setup/return

There are also bespoke packages available & costs will be based upon a phone consultation. 

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