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0800 987 5661 | hello@headstart.events

Picture Perfect

In addition to encouraging dynamic thinking and creativity, Picture Perfect offers a chance for each member of the group to give their own personal contribution towards a much bigger group picture.


Working in smaller groups, participants are given a giant piece of jigsaw. Each jigsaw piece will contain a letter and number referring to it’s location as part of the final completed puzzle. Individuals will need to identify and locate the missing pieces that surround their own and communicate with other team members to work out the colours required, and the final positioning of the piece.


Once the time is up, all the groups will come together and place their finished puzzle pieces onto the wall to reveal the big picture.


Prior to the event, tables and the floor will be covered with protective material. Each table will be laid up with the puzzle pieces, a selection of brushes & rollers, mixing pallets, primary paints and plenty of gloves & aprons.


This package is a great way to spark communication and remind the team that they’re all working towards one common goal.

Boosts & Benefits

Sharpens preparation skills

Promotes company values

Offers test in public speaking

Encourages intuitive thinking

Effective icebreaker

Our packages include: 
    • CNC cut puzzle piece for each participant
    • Floor and table protection covers
    • Paints, brushes, pallets, mixing pallets and plenty of gloves & aprons.
    • Custom designed ‘big picture’.
    • Final puzzle can be taken away to be displayed where desired.
    • Dedicated event manager and activity host
    • All crew & activity instructors
    • All pre event planning & preparation – paperwork used onsite to be branded with client logo
    • Transport/delivery/setup/return

There are also bespoke packages available & costs will be based upon a phone consultation. 

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