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0800 987 5661 | hello@headstart.events

Thinking Inside The Box

Step inside the box and take on the challenges it throws at you.  As a spectator it looks easy, but once you’re inside and the pressure is on, can you keep your cool and make sure your team stays in the race?


The group is split into 4 teams, with each team occupying one side of the box. Our sparkly suited host will reveal and demonstrate which challenge the box has chosen at the beginning of each round. Each team must nominate one person to take part, but choose carefully, as each challenge requires a slightly different set of skills.


Challenges can include:


    • BEAM – Send the ball along the narrow beam and into the hole
    • SWITCHOVER – Swap the balls over before the time runs out
    • REACTION – Drop the ball down the chute and catch it at the other end, using only one hand
    • ANTICIPATION – Navigate the course without being able to see

Teams have the opportunity to earn bonus points during each round, by backing any of the four participants to win. At the end of the evening, the final scores are revealed and to the victor goes the bragging rights.

Boosts & Benefits

Promotes teamwork

Encourages playing to win


Improving communication

Creates high energy

Our packages include: 
    • All activity equipment including 4.5m x 4.5 box with associated rigging & flooring
    • Selection of challenges including all associated equipment – number of challenges used is subject to number of participants
    • Sparkly suited host/compare
    • Crew & support staff
    • Prize for the winning table
    • PA/sound coverage (if required)
    • All pre event planning and preparation – any paperwork used to be branded with client logo
    • Transport/delivery/setup

There are also bespoke packages available & costs will be based upon a phone consultation. 

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